Rihanna appointed as ambassador of Barbados

Apr 04th, 2019

The Information Office of the Government of Barbados announced this at the end of September and called the actress an “extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador.” 

Rihanna is a woman who actually manages to combine everything. She is a singer, she is an actress, and now she is the ambassador of Barbados. 

As part of her new position, the singer will be responsible for promoting education, tourism and attracting investment to the island. According to the statement, Prime Minister Mia Amor Motti “was honored” to give the singer the title of “Diamond” for her services in enhancing the authority of Barbados and for donations to her homeland. 

“ Rihanna loves her country very much, and this is reflected in her charitable projects, especially in the areas of health and education, ” said Motti. –It demonstrates patriotism, including the fact that it continues to return here and values ​​the island as its home. In addition to success as a pop star, she showed considerable creative ingenuity and vision in the business. Therefore, it is appropriate to attract Rihanna and empower her so that she can play a more decisive role in our efforts to transform Barbados . ” 

It looks like the star is ready for the responsibility assigned to it. “ I am very proud that I received such a prestigious title from my country, ” she said. – Every Barbadian should take part in the current work, and I am ready and happy to take responsibility. I look forward to working with Prime Minister Motti and her team in reincarnating Barbados . ”

Fortunately, Rihanna has some experience. In 2008, she was appointed as one of the cultural ambassadors of Barbados and engaged in the development of tourism on behalf of the ministry. According to the statement, the new appointment of the singer implies “multifaceted achievements and global influence in a much wider range of areas.” 

Source: NBC Chicago