Stephen King sold his telling rights to teens for a dollar

Mar 20th, 2019

American writer Stephen King sold the rights to the screen version of the story “Exercise Bike” for one dollar to teenage students from Wales. Reports about it Mashable.

Teens who turned to the writer study at the Blaenau Gwent Film Academy, they are between 14 and 16 years old. They will spend the next few months following the adaptation of the work to the screenplay. Their film will be non-commercial, but they hope to participate in festivals.

Student teacher Kevin Phillips said that they sent a request for a film adaptation to the secretary of the writer, and after 24 hours received a positive response. “We knew that Stephen King supported educational institutions,” he said.

King is not the first time allows the filmmakers to film their works to young directors. To do this, he created the program “Dollar Kids”, it includes 30 stories, the rights to which can be purchased for one dollar.

Many works of the writer were adapted for the cinema, including “The Shining” by Stanley Kubrick, “Escape from the Schoshank” and “The Green Mile” by Frank Darabont, “It” by Andres Musketti and others.

Based on: Lenta.ru